Protect Your Equipment With A Battery Backup
We all know the weather in Michigan can change in a second. Keeping that in mind you should know that it isn't just surges you need to worry about. Brown outs and Power Flickering can be even more damaging to your electronics. Nextier recommends that you purchase at least a small battery backup to save your Computers and Electronics. Even just a 550VA model can provide you with enough time to properly shut your computer down in the event of a total power loss or keep you up and running during rapid power loss or brown outs. Your Windows PC and Apple Computers will last longer and you won't have to worry about data loss due to unsaved documents or operating system corruption caused by power loss. Battery Backups come in a wide range of sizes, however do not believe the marketing on the boxes these typically last around 20 minutes for the smaller sizes at $65.00 and upto 40 minutes for the $150.00 price range. The packaging time refers to a very small power draw, something like your cell phone charger. That is how they can claim hours of run time on battery. Shop Smart and if you have any questions give Nextier a call at 248-698-9310