Non-Functioning Device Recovery Labor

Non-Functioning Device Recovery Labor

This service includes:
  • Circuit Board Replacement
  • SMC Mount Fuse Replacement
  • Damaged Connector Bypass
This service is typically chosen by someone who:
  • Has a broken drive connector
  • Has a hard drive that will not communicate
  • Has a hard drive that will not power on

Non-Functioning device recovery is no small task and unfortunately can often result in costly lab based recovery solutions. Before you go that route bring your device to Nextier where we have the equipment to replace damaged circuit board connectors and damaged surface soldered components.

So what does this mean?
Nextier technicians have the ability to troubleshoot externally damaged hard drives and hard drive enclosures and the experience and knowledge to repair them.

*additional cost for apple products

*prices do not include parts cost if applicable

Approximate Turn Around Time
  • 2 Business Days