Malware Clean-Up

Malware Clean-Up

This service includes:
  • External Malware Scan and Removal
  • Internal Malware Scan and Removal
  • File System Issue Scan and Repair
  • Browser Reset
  • Browser Diagnostic Crawl
This service is typically chosen by someone who:
  • Has Pop Ups or Redirects
  • Has noticed increasingly poor internet performance
  • Is getting unsolicited software purchase notifications
  • Has noticed unknown program shortcuts


software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems.

Malware is a broad category of software that includes; Pop-Up notifiers, Toolbars, Browser home page hijackers, Browser redirects, For purchase anti-malware notifiers on the desktop or while browsing, or in general any unwanted software. Although a virus could be considered malware, due to the nature of harm, they are given a class to themselves and as such their own removal services.
Malware is typically a software installed to try and trick you into paying a fee or to cause so many pop-ups and redirects it frustrates you into paying a fee. In either case the purpose is to receive some sort of payment or payment information to "resolve" the problem ( A problem they created ). Do not fall for this it is only part of the scam.

So what does this mean?
The malware removal process is detailed however they are typically easier to remove through scans which is why the cost is lower than a clean install or manual removal.

*additional cost for apple products

*prices do not include parts cost if applicable

Approximate Turn Around Time
  • 2 Business Days