Desktop Motherboard Labor

Desktop Motherboard Labor

This service includes:
  • Failed Component Removal
  • Visual PCB Inspection
  • Visual Component Inspection
  • Replacment Part Installation
This service is typically chosen by someone who:
  • Has been diagnosed with a faulty motherboard
  • Is looking to upgrade to a new motherboard

The motherboard could be compared to the central nervous system of the computer, every other component in the computer connects to it and relies on it for proper operation. When it fails it can cause many different symptoms including lock ups and the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. If you need your motherboard replaced due to failure the experts at Nextier can help.

So what does this mean?
With so many components connecting to the motherboard you can save time and hassle by letting the technicians at Nextier help.

*additional cost for apple products

*prices do not include parts cost if applicable

Approximate Turn Around Time
  • 1 - 2 Business Days plus part delivery if applicable