Data Recovery From Functioning Device

Data Recovery From Functioning Device

This service includes:
  • Format Recovery
  • Accidental Deletion Recovery
  • Format and Rewrite Recovery*
This service is typically chosen by someone who:
  • Accidentally formatted an external hard drive or flash drive
  • Has accidentally deleted important files
  • Re-Installed windows without backing up data

Data Recovery is a tricky aspect of the computing world, it relies on the fact that when you delete a file it is not deleted but marked as okay for overwriting. Because of this we can run specialized software to scan individual folders or entire hard drives and flash drives for intact data. Our software will also attempt to rebuild damaged data if enough of it is still intact after being overwritten.

*Overwritten data recovery has a far smaller success rate due to the very nature of how hard drives remove and rewrite data.

So what does this mean?
We have several methods of recovering data from a functioning device and will make every effort to retrieve your files.

*additional cost for apple products

*prices do not include parts cost if applicable

Approximate Turn Around Time
  • 3 Business Days